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Please Note: Neither the President, the Vice President or Board Members of ACT’s receives any remuneration for their services to Associated Christian Television. Membership fees, gifts and donations are 100% used for the operation and management of the organization.

Charles Rod Hembree President

Rod Hembree was born in 1961. He is one of two children born to Ron and Shirley Hembree. He began his career in 1975 at 14 years-old while his father was working for Rex Humbard’s television ministry in Akron, Ohio. Rod started training in floor directing and audio operation in television. He, then, moved into radio engineering with Paul Tell Productions, a daily radio program for his father. From that point Rod moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and worked on the crew of PTL Club where he learned lighting for TV. It was here that Rod began engineering training at National Radio Institute.

Rod moved to Canada and worked with his father in Brampton, Ontario, creating and producing Rejoice Radio Ministries. In 1983, Rod moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and worked for WPCB TV. Rod began in engineering but ended up directing and producing several TV programs. Rod moved to Buffalo, New York in 1985 and worked for Tavco Marketing and Media as an Account Executive for the advertising agency. Then in 1987, Rod moved to Toronto, Canada where he was hired by David Mainse as Senior Producer of 100 Huntley Street, a Canadian national and daily TV program.  

From there, Rod went in front of camera as host on a weekly program called Talk to Me in 1990. In 1991, Rod was hired by Life Lessons from the Bible, a daily TV program taking audiences through the entire Word of God in a year.

Leadership Team

In 2000, Rod was called to continue with Life Lessons from the Bible and to start a church in Orangeville, Ontario. For 17 years Rod and Janice Hembree Pastored Good Friends Fellowship and hosted Life Lessons from the Bible. The Church grew from his family to about 350 people in a community of 30,000 people. In 2017, Rod resigned as Senior Pastor of the Good Friends Fellowship and continued his work full time with Life Lessons. In 2018, he changed the name of the program to Bible Discovery TV.

In 2011, Rod received a status of Doctor of Theology from Phoenix University of Theology. He also was awarded a Doctor of Ecclesia in 2013.  Rod and Janice Hembree have three married children, 4 grandsons, and continue their calling at Bible Discover TV ministries in Orangeville.

Raymond Cradock Vice President

Ray was called to Ministry at 17 years of age and has a background in Pastoral Ministry, Christian Media, Business, and Social Work and has spent more than 55 years in and around Ministry, during which time he was 18 years in management and business in a secular environment while continuing to Pastor.

In Christian Ministry Ray has held positions as Pastor, Evangelist and Missions worker in the UK, America, Central America, Canada, Europe, South Africa, East Africa, Asia and the West Indies and has travelled to other parts of the world on Ministry and Business.

In the 1970’s he moved from the UK to live in Los Angeles, California where he served as a Pastor, Evangelist, with Glad Tidings Tabernacle, Evangelistic Missionary Crusades Inc. and the Free Tract Society. Ray was also jointly responsible for the administration of an orphanage in Honduras, Central America run by Evangelistic Missionary Crusades Inc. He was Ordained with them in April 1974. Ray eventually returned to the UK in 1976 both to pastor and train in social work.

Ray has Pastored six churches in three countries, having planted two churches and built one as. Between 1997 and 2002, he worked as Senior Associate Pastor in Canada developing an International Media Ministry, building structure into the Church to facilitate growth and raise enough funds to purchase land for a multimillion-dollar building program. 

Leadership Team

When he commenced working there, the weekly congregation was around 6 to 7 hundred with one pastor, a youth pastor and 5 full time staff. After 5 years of working with the Church it had grown to a congregation of 3500 plus, with five additional pastors and 20 full time staff. In addition to this he served as Chairman of the Christian Academy, Assistant Principle for the School of Ministry, birthed the concept for the Church’s Community Services Development and was Executive Director for the same working closely with the Police and Judges. He was a serving member of the Church Board and an active member of many committees. Ray established a Media Agency and Publishing Company for the same Church and introduced the concept of the Church’s ‘Call Centre’ to respond to prayer requests, enquiries and counselling needs while developing their TV Ministry and placing their television program in many parts of the world. In response to the needs of a growing congregation and the community Ray established a professional counselling centre within the local Church.

Leadership Team

Ryan Hembree Board Director

Ryan approaches the Bible with a fearless and authentic passion, as he seeks to uplift those who are unsure about God and free believers who feel threatened by skeptical opinion. As a man who was once a skeptic himself, Ryan has the tools and knowledge to lead those to confidence in the Scriptures.

When Ryan was 15 years old, he started questioning the legitimacy of the Bible. Then at a prayer meeting, he had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. Ryan knew immediately that the Spirit he encountered was all powerful and all knowing, and thus began His deeper journey with God.

Ryan began his career in Christian television in 2010 when he presented Biblically based scientific reports on Quick Study TV. He later stepped into his role as a daily co-host and content writer in 2017. Today, Ryan is the head of the Creation Science research department at Bible Discovery Television.

Ryan’s passion is to reveal the unity of the Bible, how science and the Bible fit together so beautifully and how studying the world should never be separated from studying the Word. More than anything, Ryan hopes to give people confidence in the entirety of the Bible so that they can “go into all the world”.

Michael Taylor Board Director

Michael Taylor, the firstborn of four children born to Vincent and Gloria Taylor became fascinated with music and entertainment at the age of 9. He is a classically trained piano player, songwriter, producer, singer and actor. He is also an accomplished recording artist, including being the producer of the instrumental CD entitled “Whole Heart” and has participated in several recordings. He is an ordained minister, board member and treasurer with the Canadian Christian Ministers Federation.

In 1972, Michael moved with his family from the UK to Toronto, Canada. He attended and graduated from International Bible College in Saskatchewan. Over 14 years, he served as the music director of several local churches in Toronto during the 1980s and 1990s, while also working in the information technology industry.   During the 1990s, he was both a member of the cast and assistant music director for the Toronto version of an off-Broadway theatre musical production, “Mama I Want To Sing”. Jackie Richardson, award-winning Canadian singer and actress, and Deborah Cox, now R&B Singer, were cast members.

Michael became Dr. Michael Taylor upon receiving his undergraduate degree in Sacred Music from Canada Christian College and Ministry from Christian Life School of Theology.  He continued to work with other churches and choirs in the Toronto area. As well as summer missions trips teach Bible College courses overseas to pastors and teachers. 

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Kevin Lee Board Director

Coming Soon


With an emphasis on the ‘S’ is to establish, within the above association, the development of a ‘School of Broadcasting’ available to the membership, with courses designed to assist those already in broadcasting and ministries who desire to develop a media ministry. Its purpose is to teach and produce excellence in media.