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Make a Change

Somebody once said, “Constant Change is here to stay.” (Source unknown). In our ever changing, fast paced world, we are facing all sorts of unpredictable consequences, all of which we can find reference to in the Bible. One of the changes happening in today’s world is the marginalization of Christianity and the attempt to expose the Bible as ‘hate speech’. As Christians we must take a stand against this, we will not change what we tolerate and must become an effective force against the attacks against our faith and beliefs. We can however rely and depend on one thing that will never change, that our Lord said, “I am the Lord and I change not.”  Malachi 3:6

Today, you can be part of ACT, an organization that is dedicated to defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please go to our Membership page, sign up and join us in the ‘Great Commission’ and the right to freely declare the Gospel by all means available to us and ‘Make a Change’.

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