Voices in the Wilderness

Be Transformed

Jesus said to go out into every nation and proclaim the Good News. That is the goal of Voices in the Wilderness. At Voices in the Wilderness, we want to daily remind you of that truth: “Who the Son has set free is free indeed.” Whether you are new to the faith, a mature believer in their walk, or nowhere on the spectrum at all, we want you to be encouraged by the countless number of individuals who have stories of transformation. If you feel lost in the storm, listen to the voices of those who are anchored in hope.

Rev. Dr. Maria Goldstein is the founder, minister, host and producer of Voices in the Wilderness TV Ministry. She is an author, speaker, Bible teacher, and former Board Member for EMF, the former New Mexico and Mid-Western Regional Director for the United States National Prayer Council, a former adviser for LC local chapter of Aglow International. She served as Section Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church in IL. She recently led the Voices in the Wilderness Torah Bible study which developed into a small congregation in Las Cruces, NM.